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Bhubaneswar fashion magazine, is a team of creators striving to represent fashion in Bhubaneswar and Odisha. Fashion is an ideal blend of lifestyle, utility, and values. It’s not just about clothes or flashy trends, fashion is your personal statement.

If you think you are flashy, that’s your fashion style. If you think you are humble then that factor should define your fashion statement. We are showcasing fashion which would be either a fusion or a stand-alone feature of Indian, western and Indi-Odia fashion trends. Because lets face it, as Indians and especially Odias, our fashion has been in trends way before the word ‘fashion’ made it to the British dictionary.

Our aim is to bring in influencers of bhubaneswar, fashion models in bhubaneswar, artists and photographers to collaborate and form a tribe as an United front to the rest of the country. Conducting bhubaneswar fashion week, fashion shows in bhubaneswar and circulating magazines of bhubaneswar-odisha-fashion blended in one platform. It is Odisha & fashion before everything else.

On a technical level we will colour our editorials with influencers, socially active people, models, upcoming artists and people those who are real on their social media. Let’s face it, real is beautiful, real is fashion. And if all goes well, and you support us, we can built a bhubaneswar fashion design institute for people of Odisha to learn Fashion and change it.

What are we looking for in you?
We are looking for fashion artists or enthusiasts.
We want people to know your stories, your views and your art in a fashionable way. We are looking for collaborators as we become the enablers. So cheers to COLLABORATIONs!

P.S. If you are someone who is getting started in the fashion and lifestyle zone or someone who is mid-way in the world of fashion, we are here to support you guys!

Making it happen:
It would be our efforts, our problems, our tiredness so that this platform can become your voice, your collaboration, your art, your inspiration, your videos, your style, your photos and our CREATIVITY.

Why are we doing it?
We are a team that loves this state and the art that is induced yet hidden in this land. To simply put it, we are mad enablers who want people from this state to collaborate, make something out of it and grow. Isn’t that a good enough reason?