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Article Submission Guidelines

“We are striving to represent fashion in Odisha. Fashion is an ideal blend of lifestyle, utility, and values. It’s not just about clothes or flashy trends, fashion is your personal statement”

The following are the article submission guidelines for the writers and have to follow while writing articles for Bhubaneswar Fashion.

  • Always keep the vision of the company in the back of your head while you scout, research, write and edit articles. The article should be based upon the company’s vision.
  • Please make sure you accept our Terms and Conditions before you submit articles to us.


Following are the categories the writers can choose to write on:

  • Odisha culture (handloom, handicraft, ethnic/traditional),
  • Fashion (therapy, accessories),
  • Lookbook,
  • Beauty (makeup tips, skin care)
  • Menswear
  • Word count

The length of the article should be between 270-300 words. Kindly stick to the word limit.
(lengthy articles can be selected only if the content is highly entertaining and researched content)


The article should contain minimum of 4-5 suitable images that match with the write-up. Kindly be very  aware of the images you use.  Listed below are the minimum required images and their types:

  • Lead images (it will be the main banner image of the article)
  • Inline images (images that help to illustrate the article and will be used between the     article),
  • Add captions (wherever applicable)
  • The preferred quality of images should be in HD.

Reminders and suggestion:

  • Writing should be in sync with the mindset of the readers. Our target audience is the people of “Odisha” so our primary focus remains around that.
  • The article shouldn’t be plagiarised/copied. If we find plagiarised articles we will condemn it.
  • Covering celebrities especially Bollywood remains one of the most trending topics if it’s done at the earliest
  • If you are writing about any particular product, dress, design try mentioning the brand names and provide the website link if possible.
  • Suggest focus keywords at the beginning of your article (a focus keyword is what will help you get listed on google search). For example, Focus keywords can be ‘fashion in Bhubaneswar’ ‘fashion trends in bhubaneswar’, ‘cultural fashion of bhubaneswar and the like.
  • While writing a new article, adding the main keywords in the starting and the ending of the paragraph make your content SEO (search engine optimization) friendly. Remember not to use the same keyword a lot because that would lead to keyword stuffing.
  • Upon submitting the article, the author has to suggest the title of the article, including the images, inline in the MS Word doc and also provide the same images as an attachment, authors have to mention the category of the article

NOTE: We aim to build a tribe of influencers, artists, fashion models and photographers to collaborate and our articles should convey that message. Bhubaneswar Fashion should be placed as a safe space for conversation about fashion and art outside our comfort zones.

Remember to be consistent in style and tone for readers to feel comfortable while reading our content.

When readers find quality and professionalism, they are more like to stick around in our website and spend time reading and swapping through other articles too.

Also keep in mind that, the more hacks you give, the more suggestions you give about the various trends the more people find it interesting, so be a problem solver for our viewers.