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Best skincare routine for monsoons

by Ananya Mahapatra

After the scorching heat of the tropical summers, monsoons seem lovely and fun. But the humidity can really mess up any sort of beauty routine you may have going on. The monsoons in Bhubaneswar often become too humid and moisture in the atmosphere can cause a lot of skin and hair issues. Don’t be depressed about shiny skin and break-outs; try these simple monsoon skincare tricks to keep you looking fresh all day long!

Wash your face frequently

The excess build-up, oil and grime tend to settle on the skin due to the stickiness caused by humidity and pollution of Bhubaneswar. So, it’s best to wash it off before it clogs pores. Opt for a mild face wash that will leave your skin feeling clean and fresh without drying it out completely. It’s suggested to wash it three times a day to avoid any build-up.

cleanser for monsoons by Bhubaneswar Fashion

This cleanser will cleanse your skin thoroughly, leaving it soft and supple.

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Tone it up

A toner is a must during the monsoons, as it refreshes skin and shrinks pores; thus preventing any breakouts. Try opting for a toner that is natural and alcohol-free if you have sensitive skin.  It will help maintain the pH balance of your skin and keep it looking fresh. Just a few sprits of the toner can revive your skin instantly.

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This toner is perfect for all skin types, restoring the lost hydration.

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You might think you don’t need any moisturizer since it’s humid and your skin has become super shiny and greasy. However, your skin is actually losing its natural oils. Stick to a water-based or gel-based moisturizer. Since they are lighter on the skin than others, they won’t make the skin oily while still giving the hydration boost required for repairing damaged skin.

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This is a water-based daily use moisturizer, suitable for oily and combination skin too.

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Exfoliate regularly

Exfoliation becomes very important when you’re living in a city like Bhubaneswar because of pollution. While regular exfoliation is required, many women want to rub off all grime and dirt from the skin and tend to go overboard with the exfoliation, but you shouldn’t! Use a gentle exfoliating face wash or a gentle scrub with smaller particles that will take away grime and dirt but still retain all the natural moisture your skin actually needs.

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A gentle face exfoliating scrub for everyday use.

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Don’t skip using Sunscreen

Don’t think just because it’s cloudy you don’t need to use sunscreen. Even though there hasn’t been a sunny day in ages, the UV rays still damage skin and your skin requires SPF all year round. Find one that is light, doesn’t wash off and has an SPF of 30 to 50.

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This is a paraben free product, perfect for summers and even monsoons.

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Try to use less makeup

Try to avoid heavy foundations and concealers, not only do they look cakey but they can also block pores. Instead, use a BB or CC cream. A little waterproof mascara and gel eyeliner with some lipstick are perfect for daily wear. And never forget to remove your makeup after you get home and double-cleanse your skin. You can use micellar water, which is light-weight and doesn’t make your skin oily.

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This is affordable and a light-weight micellar water which removes every kind of makeup.

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Natural face packs are a boon

Many times the beauty products you get off the counter can be harsh on your skin due to all the chemicals and ingredients in them. We suggest pampering yourself with a home spa using natural ingredients like Multani mitti, honey, yoghurt, turmeric, gram flour, rose water etc. These natural ingredients will keep your skin looking naturally fresh, supple and healthy. If this seems too much of a work, try opting for a face pack with natural ingredients. You can even use tea tree oil for spot correction, in case of pimples popping out.

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This face pack has natural fruit extracts that revitalizes your skin.

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Follow this skincare routine religiously to avoid any kind of skin issues due to the humid monsoons of Bhubaneswar. Alongside, eat healthily and drink sufficient water to keep yourself hydrated. These products will make sure that your skin can also enjoy the monsoons as you are.

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