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How to slay colorful eye looks this season?

This season, colors are all in the world of makeup, from colorful eyelashes to rainbow eyelids. Though they look quite vibrant, so many colors can be tricky to work with. One can easily mess it up if it’s not done right. So, here are some tips and tricks which will help you flaunt those colors on your eyes without any worries.

Smoke it out

This is the easiest way to add colors to your eye look. Begin with a base color on your eyelids. Then, choose a bright matte eye-shadow and pop it all over your eyelids. You can choose any color from the spectrum; let it be blue, purple, orange or even olive green. With a fluffy blending brush, blend out the edges well to create a smokey effect. Finish it off with loads of mascara or false lashes.

Try neons!

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Yes, why not? Pick an orange shadow/pigment to start with. Blend in the color evenly on the lid. You can sport an elaborate winged line with hot pink shadow for extra edgy look. Take the yellow shade from the palette and apply it on the inner corners of your eyes. Bold and beautiful eye makeup!

Electric pop

Electric pop eye shade Bhubaneswar Fashion Blog

You can choose the vibrant shades of blue and purple to get the intensifying eye look. Start off by applying the shadow on the crease and evenly blend it out. Make it darker towards the outer corner of the eye to create drama. Use some icy shimmer shades in the inner corners of the eyes and blend it with the bold blue shade. With eyes so bright you don’t need a bold lip. Rock a nude lip and you’re done.

Graphic eyeliner

Graphic eyeliner Bhubaneswar Fashion

Graphic eyeliners are back all the way! From floating liners to extended cat eye there’s so much you can do when it comes to this trend. Use long-lasting, waterproof eyeliner which will easily glide across your eyelid. Add a glamorous touch to your graphic eyeliner by using glitter eyeliner in colors like green, red or blue.

So, these are the ways how you can add cheerful colors to your makeup without any hesitation. Don’t shy away from experimenting. Be bold and beautiful!

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