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Makeup hacks that actually work!

With the rise of social media like Instagram and YouTube, we have been seeing some crazy makeup and beauty hacks. A lot of people all over the world, even in Odisha, are trying out these viral makeup hacks. But, do all these actually work? The answer is no. So, here are a few tried and tested makeup hacks that make a lot of difference and that ACTUALLY WORK!

The Illusion of Fake Eyelashes

Wearing fake lashes all the time may sound really tiring and expensive too. So, this hack is for all the people who want voluminous lashes without having to stick the fake lashes onto the eye. To create this, apply a generous coat of mascara to your eyelashes. Grab a fresh spoolie and dip it in talcum powder. Apply it on the eyelashes before the first coat dries out. Then apply a second coat of mascara. This trick makes the eyelashes really thick and voluminous, giving the illusion of fake eyelashes.

Long-wear Blush

Are you also worried about your blush wearing off too soon? Worry not! Grab a pink, coral or any shade of your favorite long-wear lipstick and use it as a blush. Take a little of the product on your fingers and dab it on your cheeks. Blend it evenly to achieve the perfect flushed out look. As it’s actually a long-wear lipstick, it will stay on your cheeks for quite a longer period of time. It also gives a monochromatic look when you match your blush with your lips.

Making any Lipstick Matte

Matte lips have been the trend for over a year and they are here to stay. So, do you have a bunch of crème lipsticks, wishing they were matte? You can actually make your wish come true. Apply any crème lipstick you wish to make matte on your lips. Then dab some translucent powder over it and pat with a tissue paper. You can apply another coat of the lipstick to achieve more intensity. This not only makes the lipstick matte, but makes it completely transfer-proof.

Cover under-eye dark circles

In this busy lifestyle of stressed and sleep-deprived people, who is not worried about their dark circles? This little hack might change your life. It’s just a matter of colour wheel basics. Orange cancels out the blue and green shadows that appear under your eyes, making them less visible. Choose an orange or warm-toned red matte lipstick and play around with the amount of lipstick you use. Then apply concealer over it and watch your dark circles vanish.

Make your Lip colour pop

This hack is a saviour for pigmented lips. It also works for lighter shades of lipstick and makes the colour pop. Prime your lips using your concealer or even foundation and set it with powder. This creates a smooth and blank canvas for any lip colour, also cancelling out any discolouration or pigmentation. Then apply your favourite lipstick over it and it will definitely show the true colour.

Easy Makeup remover

Waterproof eyeliner and matte lipstick can be pretty hard to remove, even with makeup removing wipes. But oils can break them down without having to scrub off your face. Coconut oil can remove any kind of long-wear and waterproof makeup in a single swipe! Just make sure you wash off the oil afterwards to avoid clogged pores and breakouts. You can also use an oil-based moisturizer for the same.

These hacks are super affordable, quick and make your life much easier. Now, you don’t have to worry about buying a ton of matte lipsticks or wearing fake lashes all the time. So, go ahead and slay everyday with your strong makeup game.

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