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Makeup trends this season

The onset of Fall 2019 has seen many makeup trends right from the Instagram to the runways. Some of the most popular trends include glitter all the way, the illuminated eye, use of bright pop colors, lipstains, no makeup make-up, exaggerated cat-eyes and colored mascaras.

Glitter all the way

Glitter Lipstick Bhubaneswar Fashion Blog

This is the one makeup trend that has grabbed everyone’s attention is the ‘glitter all the way’. Let it be glittery eyes that pop or glittery lips that holds everyone’s eye or even glitter on the cheeks! Just make sure to use glitter over one part only to grab attention. It is quite a bold and daring job to pull it off well.

The illuminated eye

The illuminated eye Bhubaneswar Fashion Blog Odisha

This look is meant to provide some attention to the eyes with being bold. Using a little bit of illuminator or white eye shadow on the inner corner of the eyes, added up by nude eyeliner in the waterline can make a huge difference in the overall look. People are getting completely experimental with this trend by using mattes, shimmers and even iridescent eye shadows.

Bright pop colors

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This season has seen a lot of colors. Yes, pop is back! The color palette is going all wild ranging from neons and oranges to ultraviolet and blues. Some people are going monochromatic while others aren’t afraid of using several contrasting colors with one another. Color blocking eyelids are one of the most popular trends under this category and blue is the color of the season.


Lipstains Makeup Bhubaneswar Fashion Blog Odisha-45

Lipstains are a huge trend this season and they seem to replace lipsticks and lip glosses. It is great for the no-makeup makeup look. It provides just a little bit of color to the lips rather than going all out. Lipstains are now trending in various finishes such as matte, crème and glossy. The colors such as carmine, red, pinks and wine are the most preferred colors for lipstains.

The no-makeup makeup look

Makeup trends 2019 The no makeup look Bhubaneswar Fashion Blog

This trend is the most popular among the masses in the current season. It includes a flawless base which blends into the skin and neutral makeup with minimal colors used. It can be the dewy look or a complete matte look. It gives a healthy glow from underneath and seems like having great skin without any makeup. The main motive behind this look is to encourage healthy skin by covering all the flaws and imperfections.

Exaggerated cat-eyes

Exaggerated cat eyes Look Bhubaneswar Fashion Blog Odisha

Cat-eyes were a thing from a long time. But this season is witnessing cat-eyes to the utmost. Exaggerated cat-eyes are no more in just black but in various bold colors and finishes vary from all matte to shimmers and glitters. Large winged eyes are taking all spotlights. Some makeup artists are also experimenting by adding glitters on top of matte cat-eyes for extra glamour.

Colored eyeliner and mascaras

Colored eyeliner and mascaras Bhubaneswar Fashion Blog Odisha

All black eyeliner and mascara is so last season. This season is all about colors. Blue mascaras to neon pink mascaras, people are flaunting their eyelashes in rainbow colors. People are wearing eyeliner in all colors and textures, be it matte, gel or glitter. Straight from the runways, this trend has created a place in the people’s heart and they are going all out and bold.

This season has seen a lot of bold and extravagant looks in the makeup world as well as a few neutral ones so one can pick from his/her choice what he/she wants to try on. A little bit of glam doesn’t hurt anyone!

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