Sambalpuri Ikat Shirt Bhubaneswar Fashion
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Into the mind of Sambalpuri Ikat Shirt

Sambalpur is the fashion house of the famous Odisha’s Ikat clothes. The Ikat shirts, famously known as “Dhila” is the major attraction of men fashion. They carry patterns and prints which are influenced by the culture of Odisha.

Sambalpuri Ikat Shirt Bhubaneswar Fashion

The Fabric

The raw cloth of Sambalpuri shirts is dyed using Ikat (meaning “to bind”) technique. Usually, the yarn is tightly wrapped into the desired pattern which leaves the printThe skillful workers precisely use multiple patterns on yearn for better design.

Colours and Designs

The colours of Ikat shirts are highly inspired by the colours of nature. The major colours are mustard yellow, brown, sea blue, brick red and green colour but with coming times, more shades like pink, sky blue and other summer colours started making their ways.

Ikat shirts have patterns like passapali and buti designs. The prints are inspired by the culture of Orissa. They are usually the prints of fish, shankha (shell), leaves, flowers & Lord Jagganath itself. Traditionally, the geometric pattern was infused with flora and fauna of Odisha but nowadays flower pods or nature designs infused with geometric patterns are in practice.

The  Perfect Fashion Choice

Sambalpuri shirts are comfortable and breezy and hence are a perfect choice for both your work and vacation. Since Sambalpuri shirts are inspired by patterns and prints, they perfectly go light coloured chinos. You can also opt for linen trousers or go for minimal ikat prints for your daily work.

Sambalpuri Ikat Shirt Bhubaneswar Fashion

Sambalpuri Ikat shirt is your perfect partner to flaunt the flourishing culture of Odisha. They are a perfect combination of comfort, colour and style.

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