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Accessories for the gentlemen

“Men have no options except a pair of trousers paired with a shirt, kurta-pyjama or a Raymond suit; women have so many alternatives to wear at any occasion.”

Tanya Bhatia

This is something every man must have heard a million times in a lifetime. But, now it’s not the same. The fashion world is filled up with top male fashion bloggers and accessories of all kinds exclusively designed for a royal gentleman. Let’s have a look on some of these.

  1. Exclusive Boutonnieres

    Boutonnieres Bhubaneswar Fashion Blog
    Embrace yourself with more love by ornamenting the collar of your blazer with a floral button like looking accessory called, boutonnieres.

  2. Tasteful Cufflinks

    Cufflinks for men Fashion Cufflinks
    • When you lift your hands up in an office presentation, why not grab the attention of everyone by a cufflink near the last button of your sleeves.
    • There are cufflinks in every shape and sizes, choose your own.

  3. Classy Bows
    • Bows are Never out of fashion. Team up a printed bow-tie with a plain blazer; it makes you look simple yet sophisticated.

    Bows for white shirt Bhubaneswar Fashion Blog Bows for white shirt Bhubaneswar Fashion

    • A plain black bow-tie with a printed tuxedo will attract thousands.

  4. All about Ties
    A real gentleman is never complete without a tie. There are various textures, fascinating designs and multiple colours in which this little accessory is available.

    Tie nuts style Bhubaneswar Fashion Blog Odisha-10

    • Whether be it a light colored shirt or a solid black one, printed ties are never out of fashion.
    • Orange red mottled knit tie or a beige brown one, a two-tone knit tie is the most royal jewellery a man can wear.

  5. Luxurious Pocket-squares

    Luxurious Pocket squares Bhubaneswar Fashion Blog Odisha-9

    • A blazer looks incomplete if there is no designer handkerchief sneaking out of its pocket.
    • These pocket-squares come in various designs and colours.

  6. Finest Leather Goods

    Leather Goods Bhubaneswar

    Be it a wallet or a belt, a pair of gloves or leather bands to a watch, a real gentleman combines all of them in the best possible way.

  7. Bright coloured shoe-laces

    Bright color shoe laces

    Any loafers or even black formal shoes teamed up with bright or neon colored shoe-laces change your entire look.

Gentlemen, be the change with these little things.

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