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How to Style Tribal Jewelry?

Tribal jewelry is a trend that popped up in 2013 after a lot of debates and is still going strong. Odisha has a lot of tribes to get inspired from and styling their jewelry is one way to start from. Be it the minimal silver studs or the chunky neck pieces, there’s one for everyone. It can be a little tricky how to style them, so here’s how.

Less is more

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When it comes to tribal jewelry, wearing less is a smart thing to do. Tribal jewelry is raw, asymmetric and irregular. Layering a whole lot of this type of jewelry can feel too overpowering and messy. To avoid this, pick up 1-3 well-coordinated pieces and stick to them. It is perfect to add flair to your overall look and create a statement. There’s no need to overdo it.

Tone down the colors

Most tribal jewelry feature bright, bold colors or intricate detailing. This can make the ensemble look disturbing and busy if they are paired with bold patterns or colors in clothing. So, tone down the colors of your outfit. If you’re wearing a bright, bold piece of tribal jewelry, stick with solid, darker colors or muted bright colors. If you have an outfit that’s rather involved and want to pair a piece of tribal inspired jewelry with it, stick to a small, simple piece.

Wear it simple

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Tribal jewelry has an excitingly modern look. Keep the lines of your outfits relatively simple and clean to give your ensemble an elegant look. Keep the outfit minimalist and accent with the jewelry. Pair a bold tribal necklace with a plain button-up shirt or wear long dangle earrings and a bangle with a simple shift dress.

Tribal inspired jewelry gives us the ability to express a side of ourselves that is confident and powerful. However, for those of you who are bolder and want to go all out, you can have a slicked-back hair, blood-red lips and body hugging tops or armor-worthy metal mini dresses. This is the way to achieve an extra-ordinary look that’s perfect for the urban-chic setting.

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