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Spray Perfume the right way

by Adyasha Paramguru

As one of our main senses it is important to smell good when surrounded by people. And of course it makes you more attractive and likeable.

Well, smelling amazing all the time takes work. Not much work, however, using these hacks you are guaranteed to be the best smelling person in the room!

Where To Apply Perfume – Targeted Spritzing

Knowing where to apply perfume is important if you want to make perfume last longer. Some parts of your body are better for spritzing than others if you want your fragrance to last longer. Your fragrance will last longer if spritzed onto the pulse points on body or onto warm areas of the body. This includes on the

  • Inside of your wrists 
  • On your neck
  • Inside your elbows & 
  • Behind your knees.

Do not rub your wrists together if you spritz your fragrance onto the inside of your wrists. Doing so will result in the fragrance wearing off quicker.
Two other surprisingly good locations to spritz your fragrances are: 

  • On your stomach & at the back of your neck, under your hair.

These spots are heat radiating zones that will keep your fragrance alive for longer.

How To Apply Perfume – Skin Preparation Is Key

To make your makeup last longer you use a primer. To make your fragrance last longer you can dab some Vaseline on to your skin where you plan to spritz the fragrance. This will hold the fragrance on your skin for longer.

How To Perfume Your Hair – Hair Holds Fragrances Well

Knowing how to perfume your hair is important as hair holds fragrances well. Spray some fragrance onto your hairbrush and then brush your hair. This transfers the fragrance into your hair and you’ll leave a lovely trail of fragrance behind you as your hair swishes whilst you move! Perfume on hair is lovely.

Perfumes That Last Long

Citrus fragrances evaporate off the body faster. Fragrances containing notes of patchouli, jasmine, tuberose, amber, sandalwood and vanilla last longer. Generally woody and oriental fragrances have the best longevity.

How To Store Perfume

  • Store your fragrances in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Heat, light and humidity can break down some fragrance ingredients and lessen the fragrance’s quality.
  • Do not store your fragrances in a humid bathroom.
  • Do not store your fragrances near a window.
  • Do not store your fragrances near a heater.
  • Pretty as they look all out on display, fragrances are actually best kept in a cupboard if you want to ensure their longevity!

Hope these tips were helpful and enjoy smelling amazing all the time.

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