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Home Fashion Be the style Icon in Your circle with the perfect Spring/Summer look

Be the style Icon in Your circle with the perfect Spring/Summer look

Have you ever thought about staying with trendy just like your favorite celebrities?  No, it does not cost heavy, in fact it is about buying the right clothes. But thinking how? Well, we are here to help you. We bring you the best themes straight from Spring Summer Collection 2019 (SS19).

1. Make Street-Wear, Street Contrasting Wear

  • Theme – What if the street-wear you wear takes inspiration from the street. If you love street-wear then “Main St. Summer Spring Collection 2019” is for you. It is influenced by the elements of the Summer Street.
  • Colors/Print – Wear lighter shades. The safest option for color lies in the shades of blue, green, brown and red. You can also choose your shirts which have shades of blush pink or yellow. Go for the floral prints or object prints. You can also wear graphic tees which have an influence of the street.
  • Tips – keep your colors light and clothes breathable. Prefer satin or cotton.

2. Say NO to Tackiness and YES to Soothingness

  • Theme – If you don’t love all the prints or the tackiness of street-wear, go for the colors perfectly contrast with shades of desserts. “Ventura Summer Spring Collection 2019″ draws its inspiration from the colors of desert. They look best for your holiday needs as they perfectly blend with the natural surroundings.
  • Colors – Go mainly for the shades of brown and orange. You can also choose colors like peach, maroon and red.
  • Tips – Choose between textures and patterns rather than prints. They perfectly blend with natural landscapes.

3. Not Street but Always Buildings

  • Theme – So, you have been worrying about only street-wear when your main purpose is working in the office or going daily to the class. Don’t worry, the “Xchange Spring Summer Collection 2019” brings you the perfect office wear. This collection draws its inspiration from the buildings rather than the street. The textures, prints and colors are taken from office backgrounds or the architectures.
  • Prints/Colors – Just like your office building or the architectures of the city, buy colors shades like brown, grey, white or blue. Khaki is the best color you can wear if you follow this trend. The other colors can be red, maroon and cream. Buying abstract or micro-prints can be considered as the best and safest fashion choice.
  • Tip – Do not go for loud prints and color. Keep it simple and easy.

4. Ethnic Motifs just for a Change

  • Theme – Taken straight from our cultures. The “Talisman Spring Summer Collection 2019” depicts the culture of tribe-man and ethnicity. They can be worn on any occasion and workplace and makes you look different from the crowd.
  • Prints/Colors – This collection is more about prints rather than colors. You can wear any color and shades but do prefer darker tones. Go for the prints or pattern which has embroidery, tribal prints or decorative beadings.
  • Tips – Wear it mostly for a casual outing. Do not over-do as it may look sloppy.

Now, with these Spring/Summer Look, you can up your styling game this season, set yourself right and be the style-icon of the league.

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