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Eyeglasses : The Crux of the Sumptuous Eyewear

Accessories help in shaping a man’s look profoundly and also make it trendy and stylish. Most men when it comes to accessories, only buy a watch or a belt but there is a plethora of accessories that one can choose from. Eyeglasses are one of them. Gone are the days when eyeglasses were worn only when they were prescribed for but now, they are used to create a style statement as well. They are not only versatile but they add a contrast to your outfit. So, finding a pair that best suits your style goal is extremely rewarding. Therefore, without breaking any more sweat, use our guide to get yourself the perfect pair of eyewear.

In order to pick the right frame for yourself you need to consider a few things like your facial features, skin tone and also the style of eyewear that best suits your personality.

While selecting a frame you should always choose something that is opposite to your facial features. Like, round frames look great on square or angular faces, whereas square frames benefit the contrasting softer or round faces.

Similarly, understanding your skin tone and choosing the right colour for your frames is equally important. For example, if you have warm toned skin, you should lean towards warm reds, yellows and oranges, whereas if your skin is cool toned, blues, purples and magenta will be your go-to.

Finally, when you have picked the right frame in the right colour you should think about the style you would like to go for.  Eyeglasses come in a variety of styles ranging from simple metal glasses to the more stylish wayfarer and aviator glasses.

So, here are some fabulous eyeglasses that can help you master this accessory.

Metallic framed glasses

Metallic eyeglasses are the number one wearer’s pick because of their versatility and sophistication. The most common metal frames are made out of titanium and stainless steel, making them strong and resistant to corrosion. They can be matched with a variety of outfits, starting from your formals to a more casual sweatshirt and jeans. Because of their availability in different shapes and styles, they are perfect for both prescribed and non-prescribed lenses

Metallic framed glasses

Transparent framed glasses

Since transparency is one of the most popular trends this season, transparent eyeglasses will be the perfect accessory for any occasion. They are subtle yet fashionable whether in their colourless version or the bolder colourful counterparts. Just remember if you want to keep the focus on the glasses, pick your outfits in lighter shades. The clear silhouette will be a perfect option for your business meetings and conferences.

Transparent framed glasses

Browline glasses

Browline glasses or semi- rimmed glasses are the perfect accessory for a geek hipster look but can also work for your office wear. Drawing their inspiration from the 60’s, these frames perfectly imitate your eyebrows. They ideally provide fullness to the face, so if you have narrow face, these glasses will help in drawing attention to your eyes.

Browline eye glasses

Aviator glasses

Aviator silhouette has long been a sunglasses staple but recently, aviator eyeglasses have flooded the market because of their availability in both old school metal and modern acetate frames. They are perfect for men with a crisp jawline and wide forehead. Since, they feature unique contemporary shapes, colours and details, they can be worn with prescription lenses or in plain form like the metallic eyeglasses.

best Aviator glasses

Wayfarer glasses

Wayfarer eyeglasses are arguably the most classic and flattering eyewear style. These frames look good on almost everyone with any face structure. You can team it up with any outfit. It may be a three-piece suit or a summer t-shirt and shorts, they will complement your attire and highlight your eyes effortlessly. As, they are so iconic and classic they are surely not going out of style anytime soon.

Wayfarer eye glasses

There are a plenty of other styles available like wooden glasses, retro glasses and flat top glasses featuring different designs and prints like horn-rimmed glasses and leopard print glasses to choose from. So, eventually it’s your choice to pick the right eyeglasses that will not only make your features sharp but will also help you slay with class and elegance.

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