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Lacing up the Brand “Converse” the right way

Converse shoes aka ‘Chuck Taylors’ is a fashion symbol. The brand is more than 100 years and still, their iconic shoes haven’t changed much. They are trendy, comfortable, durable and cheap. From the best of the nerds of class to the very legendary celebs, every one of them has sported it. Today we tell you the best fashion statement you can make with just a pair of Converse shoes.

More the color, more the appeal

Shoe Lacing ideas Bhubaneswar Fashion Blog

Converse comes in red, yellow, blue, orange and what not. You can wear them with your printed shirt. It looks funky but still making sure that you don’t look overdressed. You can wear them any day of your regular classes or on a casual evening to show your colorful side.

Carry the elegance with black

Shoe Lacing ideas Bhubaneswar Fashion Blog

Well, if you are not the one who loves to wear colorful shoes, then black Converse shoes are made for you. In fact, the Converse has sold more than a million copies of black shades. They can go with literally everything and anything. You can wear them for parties, classes, offices and even for a red-carpet walk. Won’t believe me? Well, ask your favorite celebrity then.

So White, So good

Shoe Lacing ideas Bhubaneswar Fashion Blog

White sneakers are the trendiest shoes of the year. People are finally accepting the white color shoes in their daily lifestyles and when it comes to Converse, they actually have the best shade of whites for us. You can pair them with black jeans and a checked shirt and they look all perfect. You don’t need to add anything fancy to it. Just make sure to maintain them regularly and you are ready to go.

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