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Maternity Fashion: Best Clothing Ideas

Mother is the name for god in the lips and hearts of little children; let’s love, care and respect our mothers every day. Let’s not judge them by their fat belly but indulge in a world where this beautiful phase of motherhood meets fashion. There are couples who want to shout about their news of pregnancy from the rooftop and some people want to keep this wonderful news to themselves until after the first trimester.

1. How to hide a baby bump?

Hide baby bumps Pregnancy Bhubaneswar Fashion Blog Odisha-21
  • Empire dresses and beautiful tops offer a flattering high waist and glide easily over your curves.
  • A printed maternity blouse untucked over a comfortable pair of dark color maternity trousers is a magic to hide your baby bump.
  • Use your accessories to draw attention up to your face or your classy embroidered purse and away from your budding bump- a short bright necklace could be used as a magic wand here.
  • Layering helps a lot – layer your clothes with a long draped dupatta in summer and a waterfall cardigan in winter; no one would ever bother to look twice.
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2. How to flaunt a baby bump?

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  • The main concern of defining your curves by separating bust and bump can be attained by a nautical maternity and nursing dress with stripes across.
  • A tight monochrome top with a high waist pleated floral printed skirt can do wonders.
  • A dungaree dress with a cute pair of bright coloured shoes can make you look younger and carefree.
  • A stylish maternity belt to wrap around the nip in the empire dresses would attract everyone’s attention to your baby-bump.
  • A long cherry red gown with or a loose floral printed dress with a blazer can make a to-be-mother look fashionable.

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