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Slay the Bohemian look this summer!

Confused about the style statement for the upcoming spring-summer? Think no more! Channel the inner Bohemian in you. Boho-chic fashion is the new trend this season and it is here to stay. Bohemian style is easy going, comfy and consists of light-weight fabrics, perfect for the hot summers. Thinking how can you become the trendy Boho-chic of the season? Here’s how!

Bohemian colors and prints

While styling yourself in Bohemian style, never be afraid to choose bold and vibrant colors. You can choose colors of every hue; let it be reds or yellows. Use a lot of prints and patterns like the tribal prints, the paisley, tie and dye, batik, the Aztec prints and a lot of geometric designs. Feel free to incorporate floral prints into your look.

Bohemian dresses

Boho culture is all about freedom, love and peace. So, choose soft, free flowing fabrics. Ditch your tight, skinny, body hugging clothes and pick something more relaxing. Look for over-sized cardigans, long flowy shrugs, flared pants, tunics and loose-fitted tops and dresses. The styles are loose, baggy and draped.

Bohemian Dress colors & prints Bhubaneswar Fashion Blog Odisha

Layer up the game!

Layer, layer and layer more. Feel free to mix and match pieces to create a unique look. Try layering a long shrug over a maxi dress or a loose tunic over shorts. You can put on a short flowy dress over flared pants or loose cardigans over anything. Put different patterns and textures together to make the look even more interesting.

The perfect accessories

Wear chunky silver jewellery, long beaded necklaces, large stone rings, big bracelets or multiple bangles on the wrist. Don’t be scared to use cheap costume jewellery. Use fringes and tassels in anything you can, like fringes in tops or bags or sandals. Include a lot of beads, flowers, tassels and feathers.

Bohemian Dress Footwear Bhubaneswar Fashion Blog Odisha

Add strappy sandals to complete the look. You can go for gladiator sandals or Birkenstocks. Be fun and playful. Beaded boots, suede boots or tie up sandals go a long way.

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The hair and the head

Let your hair loose or braid it. Soft curls or beachy waves and flowing hair is the Bohemian way. Don’t worry if you have messy hair. Add some beads and braid a few strands and you are good to go. Wrap a headband or throw a floppy wide-brimmed hat. You can also put on a flower crown or a tiara and be the “flower child”.

Hair Style for Bohemian Dress

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