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Saree blouse alternatives for the desi diva

by Ananya Mahapatra

Blouse is an essential part of the saree. But aren’t you bored of wearing the same blouse with your saree? The traditional blouse might feel uncomfortable and constraining to some because of the silhouette, and also a bit boring. So, ditch that blouse and wear these 6 trendy pieces with your saree to glam it up.

1. Boho Bandeau

Wear your saree with a bandeau to give it a Bohemian vibe. Wear your saree stylishly by wrapping it around your neck like a scarf. You can even add a Bohemian bandana on your head for the perfect Boho-chic vibe. Complete your look by Bohemian jewelry and strappy sandals.

2. The Classic Formal Shirt

Wear your favorite formal shirt instead of your regular blouse. You can even roll up your sleeves for a more casual look. Drape your saree in dhoti style to make yourself stand out. Tie a belt around the waist and wear a heavy choker necklace. This combination will revamp your saree look.

3. Cape top

Sheer cape tops not only look elegant but also are a great way to add some serious power to your style. Unlike blouses, they are not restrictive because of the light fabric and flowy silhouette. Embroidered cape tops or block-printed cape tops are also great options to pair with a saree. Go for heavy earrings, instead of neck-pieces.

4. Peplum top

Peplum tops can be the perfect alternative for a saree blouse. Try to drape your saree the dhoti-style or the wrap-around style to bring out the best of both. Wear chunky oxidized earrings for the perfect fusion twist.

5. All the fancy tops!

Crop tops, off-shoulder ruffled tops, cold-shoulder tops and even T-shirts are not only meant to be worn with jeans and skirt; they can also be an amazing alternative for a saree blouse. Each one of these gives an entirely different look to the saree. Complete your look with an elegant  minaudière and a pair of block heels. It perfectly glams up the style quotient of your saree.

6. Kurta style

Ever tried wearing a short or medium length kurta with a saree? Either wear the pallu over the kurta or wear it underneath a sheer tunic. Bringing these two ethnic staples of your wardrobe together, it’s sure to make a statement. We suggest keeping the kurta simple and draping a sequined saree over it or go for a heavily embellished kurta with a simple saree.

They say that a saree can be draped to suit any look you want. You can try on different looks just with a single saree for almost every occasion. These looks might look a bit scary or too experimental; but if done well, these styles can be a complete head-turner.

So, channel your desi vibe and inner diva in the most exemplary way with your saree.

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