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Bhubaneswar Fashion Raja Diva Contest 2019


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Rajo is a three-day-long festival to celebrate womanhood and menstruation. It is believed that on these days, Earth is on her periods & she is given a ceremonial bath on the fourth day. So this is the festival of young girls.

The whole objective of this event is to honour the joy of 20 million women in Odisha celebrating the festival of Rajo exhibiting their elegance, fashion and exuberance.

We are creating a platform for all the young fashion enthusiasts of Odisha to get the audience and the spectators they deserve and need. Why shouldn’t fashion content creators and artists from Odisha not get the due recognition? We are here to make that possible!

Creating Conversations & Collaborations between like-minded thinkers, doers & influencers. We bring fashion in Odisha to mainstream.

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