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Raincoats that will make you feel pretty even when the weather stinks

When the scorching summer heat comes to an end and Monsoon makes a grand entry, your wardrobe demands to be changed. Vibrant colours and rain friendly clothes take over. Did you think that a rainy day would mean taking a break from fashionable clothes? Well, you may be mistaken.

This is the right season to organize a cheerful wardrobe, wear bold colours and have a fashion fiesta. Saggy clothes and wet boots are a part of the monsoon, but right choice of accessories, will help to dodge the puddles and give a trendy look.

The best clothing to make this monsoon more fashionable would be colourful raincoats.

1. Hip Length Raincoats

Hip length raincoats or rain jackets are more for active people; we usually wear them with comfy clothes, leggings and sneakers.

  • Left: Zip-uphoodie colourfulchevronprint raincoat.
  • Middle: Elastic hem colourblockwindbreaker jacket.
  • Right: Green leopard clearrain mac.

Source: https://m.shein.in/

2. Hip Length Raincoats

Not too long for a small person and not too short, just the perfect measure! You can sit everywhere without getting dirt on your clothes and believe me, after two, three times sitting on a chair in the train or bus, you will love this low-hip length raincoat too. You can pair it up with stockings, denim shorts and boots.

  • Left: Hooded panelled windbreaker.
  • Middle: Festival mac.
  • Right: Floral hooded festival rain mac.

Source: https://www.boohoo.com/

3. Knee Length Raincoats

These types of raincoats, the knee length ones, are more wearable by the tall girls. It’s notb that you have to be tall to wear a knee length raincoat, but will look better on a tall person. Maybe with the help of some rainy heels you can solve this problem out, try and tells us what you think!

  • Left: Floral coat in vinyl.
  • Middle: Lightweight rain jacket.
  • Right: Duster coat in snake.

Source: https://www.asos.com/

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