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Style it up with Polka dots

by Adyasha Paramguru

A stylishly cut shirt

A Small polka dot blouse, when paired with skirt or jeans trousers, promises a remarkably stylish look. To add a retro feel, pair it with high waisted pants. This style is suitable from casual, street style to an office look.

Pair it with some Solid or Neutral Colors

Mixing polka dots with some bold colors in plain brings the best results. Some of the most appealing combos with polka dots are made in colors like red, green, pink and yellow. Dotted shirts pair best with a colored trousers, skirts or pants or vice versa.

With Something Leather

Like polka dots, leather too is a timeless trend. Pairing the dotted print with anything made in leather gives a flattering look. Try the options like a leather skirt with a top with polka dots, leather pants or even a leather jacket would look great with a touch of playful polka dots.

An All-White Look

Get an unconventional look with white pants or skirt paired with a white top with polka dots, or vice verse. An all-white look seems classy.

Dress with a Cardigan

Pair your polka dotted dress (in any silhouette) with a cropped cardigan or jacket. It would give a balanced look overall.

Mixing of Prints

When you combine a polka dotted print with some other print (floral, geometrical), it would give a playful and catchy look. This style is more suitable for teens and young girls. Both prints should not be of equal size. Just make sure that one of the prints is smaller than the other. For example, a small printed polka dot skirt would look cool with a comparatively larger print of horizontally lined skirt. 

A Polka Dot Scarf

You don’t want to go in that much detailing of dots, simply pair your dress with a dotted scarf. It can make a great fashion accessory. Tie it dress with a dotted scarf. It can make a great fashion accessory. Tie it on your handbag, wear it as a headband or as a belt around your waist.