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Dealing with colour combinations: An important tool for men’s styling

Colour matching and combining is as important as picking up an outfit. Colours you choose to wear affect how you are perceived. They inform the world about your style statement and your own individuality. So, it’s very important to understand the different colour combinations you can try and embrace the different shades of the rainbow and here are some key points Bhubaneswar fashion suggests you to follow.

Keeping It Classic

To start with, keeping things classic always makes styling less complicated and easier. One doesn’t have to worry about losing any style points and moreover the best of the outfits exploits classic colours.

Think about it… the all time classic Black and White. It’s the easiest and classiest colour combination to pull off. You literally cannot go wrong with them. This combination provides the high contrast that in turn gives an elegant and classy look.

The other colour combination that should be present in your wardrobe is Navy blue and Grey. These hues not only work fantastically with each other but also pair beautifully with other shades; thus, making it the most multi-faceted colour pairing in menswear.

Combining the key classic colours with different tonal structures would create lesser room for error and thus tones of black, white, grey, navy blue and brown… should accommodate a major portion of your wardrobe.

Going for darker tones

One might find classic colours boring and monotonous. If that’s the case you should consider darker tones. Combining and creating outfits around these tones is undemanding and effortless. Similar to the classic colours the combinations of darker tones invite less trouble and provide a sharp and appealing look.

Burgundy and green combination will be the best example here. Since the colour green resides opposite to the red on the colour wheel, they aesthetically complement each other. The richness of burgundy and the vibrancy of green lends to smarter looks.

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Similarly using darker shades of blue, green, brown or yellow you can infuse colours into your everyday fashion with utmost confidence and flair.

Keeping it simple

There is no need to over-complicate things by adding multiple colours in a look. The fewer colours you integrate the easier it is for you to harmonize.

Style a look around 2 or 3 colours maximum and if you want to use only 1 colour, use different tones so as to create a monochromatic look.

You can also inject colours into your look through accessories. Accessories add distinctiveness to your look. So, a tie, a scarf, a pair of sunglasses or even a pair socks can be used to colourize your look subtly.

Colour Combinations for men styling Bhubaneswar Fashion

Finally, it’s very important to understand that everyone has different tastes and preferences. Your outfit will speak about you so you should choose a colour combination that would best suit your inclination. A boosting confidence and a perfectly thought out outfit can do wonders to your look.

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