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The Best Beard Styles for every Face Shape

Beards not only emphasize your best features but also make up for your insecurities. Different styles represent the overall look of a person and at the same time highlight someone’s personality. So, we at Bhubaneswar fashion have created a list of beard styles on the basis of face shape and structure.

Beard styles for square shaped face

A square face is characterized by an angular square chin. A circle beard or a beard with a faded effect will make your jawline softer. But if you wish to accentuate your angular chin, you can opt for Van Dyke, stubble or even a triangular goatee.  You can always grow a moustache to add some character.

For round face

If you have round face with fuller cheeks you should choose the beard styles that will help make your face slimmer. If you like medium to thick beard styles, you can go for French fork or the Verdi style. But if your hair growth is not that dense, an imperial styled beard or a goatee will help you alter that jawline’s appearance.

For diamond face

A Diamond face is broad at cheekbones but gets narrower towards the chin. An extended goatee or a full-grown beard would seamlessly highlight your unblemished jawline.  If you are someone with well-defined cheekbones, a thick beard like the bandholz with a nice handlebar moustache will do you wonders. You can even opt for a clean-shaven look to attitudinize their style statement.

For rectangular face

A rectangular facial structure is usually characterized by long and sharp edges with well-defined corners. And that is why, your beard style should make your face look shorter and angular. A chin curtain beard or designer stubbles will be the best options for this face structure. Moreover, a full-grown beard with trimmed ends will highlight those sharp edges.

For oval face

If you have an oval shaped face, you can rightfully experiment with a variety of beard styles, exploiting your versatility. Dutch, garibaldi and bandholz are your go-to options. Van Dyke, Balbo and ducktail beard will equally look good on this face structure, so you should aim for experimenting with different beard shapes and styles.

Although, the face shape and structure are vitals in choosing the best style but finally the decision has to be based on beard growth as well as your life style.  It is equally important to groom and maintain the beard in order to get a more dapper and trendier look.

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