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The mitzvah of men’s jewellery

by Amrit Mohanty

Over the years, the women of Odisha have worn every kind of jewellery with an absolute entitlement but the men never ventured into this category. But its time for the men of Odisha to try on these fantastic accessories that can enhance their look manifolds. A complementary jewellery with your attire can totally change the way you are perceived. These ornaments will bring out your personal style and reflect on your character. So, we at Bhubaneswar Fashion have listed out the gems of the jewellery world that will help you look breath-taking.

  • Flaunting a sublime timepiece
  • A watch is the most common thing when it comes to wearing jewellery. It is a status symbol as one can speculate about your lifestyle and occupation based on the kind of watch you are sporting. So, pick a watch that is simple and elegant. For a formal occasion wear a subtle timepiece with a metal band while a watch with a leather strap can work best for your casual outings. The dial should be proportional to your wrist size and also pick a metal that complements your other accessories as well as your skin tone. So, if you have warmer undertone then pick a golden watch but if you have cooler undertone then silver watches are a must.

  • Wearing a chain or two
  • Necklaces have been one of the most used accessories for both men and women. Necklace provides a subtle yet incontestable personality to your overall look. If you are gearing up for work, a metal necklace would go well with your formals. You can also opt for pendants with your chains like dog tags or your name initials. For the experimental men, a hemp necklace or a choker will give that perfect bohemian look. Although necklaces are a great accessory but we advise you to not wear more than three necklaces at a time.

  • Not just the wedding rings
  • Long gone are the days when men only donned their wedding rings. Today, there is a plethora of rings you may choose from. A gold signet ring is the best option for a subtle look but if you want something hipper, a silver or gold carbide ring paired up with a casual outfit will seal the deal. Avoid the bling and match your metals with the dial of your watch or belt buckles to get a perfect all-round look.

  • A couple of cufflinks and brooches
  • Since, these commodities are worn less now a days, so a set of stylish cufflinks and brooches will make you stand out in the crowd. Avoid bulky studs and overpowering designs and rather go for conventional and classic designs. An understated pair of cufflinks with a small formal brooch can add personality and depth to your formal wear whereas, a designer brooch with novelty cufflinks can turn some heads at evening parties.

  • Some effortless bracelets
  • Bracelets may be elementary but they provide that extra esprit to a man’s attire. Although they are small and unambiguous you should not go overboard. When it comes to these articles, less is more. Wooden or leather bracelets pair well with casual outfits whereas the metal ones should be reserved for formal wear. Colourful chains and beads will make your wrists scream out panache. So, keep these to a maximum number of 3 or 4 and match the colour coded bracelets with your watch and cufflinks to get an extra sharpness for your outfits.

  • A fashionable pair of earrings
  • A hoop or a simple stud, any pair of eye catchy earrings highlight your look in a magnificent way. All you need to remember is to pick a pair that not only compliments your look but goes well with your day to day style. You should choose a pair based on your skin tone and face structure. If you have a darker complexion then go for yellow gold or silver earrings but if your skin tone is on the fairer side then go for white gold earrings. Similarly, people with oblong face can go for round or curved earrings and round face ones can choose square earrings to emphasize their looks. Although, most of the earrings require you to pierce your ears but if you are looking for non-piercing alternatives then go for the magnetic studs.

    In addition to the above-mentioned jewellery pieces, other items like tie bars, belt buckles, collar pins and pocket watches can add keenness to your entire outfit. Just remember while styling jewellery, less is more. So, adorn your jewellery according to your outfits, occasions and also skin tone to get a dazzling and superlative look.

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