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The Must Haves for a Perfect Man’s Gymwear

by Amrit Mohanty

In recent times, a lot of attention is being given to fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Owing to which, the people of Odisha are hitting the gyms more often than not. Earlier, the gym clothes were basic and limited but nowadays, the gym wear has got variety and unquestionable accessibility. Not only the gym clothes but also a versatile range of accessories has flooded Odisha’s markets. So, we at Bhubaneswar Fashion have tried to bring you list of must haves that are perfect for any man’s gym wear.

Gym Tops

When looking for suitable tops to wear to the gym, you should look for something that is not only comfortable to facilitate easier movements but is also stretchable enough to allow proper airflow. Gym tees or sports tees are an all-purpose gym gear. They are mostly made of materials like nylon, spandex and polyester which make them elastic and sweat-friendly. You can also go for tank tops and stringers since they provide excellent flexibility to the upper body.

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Hoodies and jackets are great for outdoor runs and workouts. There are some dry-fit polyester hoodies available that serve as wind breakers whereas, the sleeveless jackets are great for Odisha’s unpredictable climate.

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The right bottom wear

Choosing the right bottom wear is as important as choosing a suitable top. Shorts are the most favourite option since they are lightweight and more comfortable. So, if you pick shorts make sure that they are sweat-wicking and breathable. Use shorts made from performance polyester for high intensity workouts because they would help keep you cool and dry.

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The other option is pants. Pants are so versatile and have a plethora of distinctive styles like track pants, sweat pants and jogger pants too. Like shorts, the best fabric for the pants are polyester and spandex. Moreover, tapered bottoms are essential for compression functioning and also for adding a style quotient to your gym look.

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Securing an unerring footwear

A good quality fitted footwear is a necessity at the gym. And it goes without saying that trainers and sneakers would seal the deal. Since most of the workouts are heavily dependent on your feet, you must choose a pair that would not only be snug but would also provide you with excellent stability. Trainers with rubber soles are the perfect shoes for running, jumping and all other cardio exercises. Whereas, sneakers with flat soles will provide extra grip for weight-lifting. You can also look for mesh-trainers as they are lightweight and breathable and they go well with any gym outfit.

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Carrying the appropriate accessories

Any gym attire is incomplete without the necessary accessories. There are some basic ones like socks, towel and a water bottle. Compression socks are the best pairs because of their non-defeating discretion and durability. You can team them up with a rugged towel that matches your outfit and a trendy water bottle adding zing to your gym ensemble. Don’t forget to buy a gym bag to load your accessories in. A simple backpack can do the trick, otherwise a nonchalant duffle bag can give you some extra style points.

The other necessary accessories that you should pack in your gym bag are deodorant, wristbands and also an ice bag. In addition to all that, a pair of water-repellent earphones or headphones will add a ting of zest to your gym look.

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So, buy and style your gym outfits according to your workout and the current trends. The various colour patterns, designs and styles available will not only draw some eyeballs but also provide extreme comfort while you are training your muscles.