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The Top 4 Color Combo that You must Try

Are you one of those who doesn’t love to flaunt prints or bored with all your checked shirt. Fret not, fashion is never about wearing the latest trend but to appeal the audience with your style. We will help you to decide the perfect colour combination that you can wear to up your game.

1. Pink shirt + Navy Blue Chinos

Pink Shirt Navy Blue chinos Men Dress

You can flaunt this colour combination on your outings, holidays or even in your office. This colour combination goes perfectly with every skin tone. You can always pair them up with sneakers or jet brown leather shoes to complete your look.

2. Green Shirt + Grey Chinos

Green Shirt and Grey Chinos for Men

Green shirts is the best colour to detail your shoulders and hands. Wear them up with grey formal pants. Make sure you wear slim fit chinos instead of your regular fit as it provide details to your legs. Wear black leather shoes to finish it. You can also pair them up with a sweater to compliment your look.

3. Red Shirt + Brown Pants

Red Shirt and Brown Pants combo for men

Red shirts and brown pants  are the color combinations that are least talked about. The shades provide perfect combination for your office outfit. To complete your look wear black sneakers.

4. Orange Linen Shirt + White Chinos

Orange Linen Shirt + White Chinos Combo for men

Lighter shades are always perfect for vacations. They compliment the look of nature but orange and white can be your perfect college or office outfit as well. The light shades look fresh all day, making it perfect even you work all day. They can go with any pair of shoes and brown leather sandals

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