Free Photoshoot Giveaway

Free Photo-shoot Giveaway

Bhubaneswar Fashion free photoshoot. If you are a fashion enthusiast promoting the fashion culture of Odisha, imagine there is a 90 minutes photoshoot giveaway up for grabs.

Bhubaneswar Fashion, a true promoter of culture and beauty of Odisha is giving this fantastic giveaway opportunity.

The Giveaway Rules:

  1. Follow Bhubaneswar Fashion @bhubaneswarfashion
  2. Share this post on your story.
  3. Fill the form.

Our team will select and contact you for the further dialogue about your Forte, interest and talk through ideas you may have for your shoot.  Knowing a little about you in advance will help to break the ice and set the stage for a professional photo shoot.

Bhubaneswar Fashion will provide artistic direction, creative advice and discuss shoot logistics as well as answer any questions you have during this meeting. Please feel free to share your ideas during this time so you can both be better prepared.

 All photos are taken on location(s) agreed upon during your planning meeting.

You will need to provide your own wardrobe, hair and makeup. However, if a retail store, hair stylist or makeup artist is interested in providing you with those things in exchange for photos from the shoot for their own portfolios, that may be arranged only with an agreement with Bhubaneswar Fashion.

Our photographers will work on the post-production of the photos, choosing the “selects” from your shoot. Once done (usually within a week), we will contact you to setup your proofing session. During the proofing session, you and our team will look through your shots together to identify your Selects (“best-of” shots from the shoot). We will then complete the post-production work on those favorites, including fixing blemishes, making any necessary color-exposure adjustments and adding artistic elements or special effects to the photos. Once complete, We will email you a link where you can download your photos.

Note that shoots will be organised on Weekends. Ie (Saturday & Sunday)

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