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Be the style Icon in Your circle with the perfect Spring/Summer Accessories

With the Spring/Summer trend report, you must be now quite sure about the garments for this season. But just like the others, you must be confused about how to accessorize and wear the perfect shoes. From the older days, accessories and
shoes are said to carry the traits of the individual’s personality. From Spring/Summer 2019 trend report, we bring you the perfect accessories to complete your look.

The Street Perfect Look

  • Taking inspirations from the streets of your suburb, The Main ST. Collection brings you the perfect trend to match your street look.
  • Shoes – Wear the canvas sneaker of grey or black colour. The shoes perfectly blend with the street and give you the perfect look. You can also wear boat shoes or Oxfords to match your formal dresses.
  • Accessories – Pair it with a brown duffle bag or sling bag (preferably green or yellow) on your travels. Watches must be of light shades.

The Travellers Freak

  • If you are a travel freak or love to spend your weekends in nature then Ventura Collection 2019 is just for you. They are easy to carry as well.
  • Shoes – Instead of shoes, wear comfort sandals or floaters. Go for dark maroons or shades of browns.
  • Accessories – Carrying a backpack is not only necessary for a traveller but also fashionable. Pair it with black or brown cap to complete your look.

The Office Look

  • The Xchange Collection 2019 presents you the perfect trend for your office and college wear. The look is made according to our daily needs and is inspired by the buildings rather than streets.
  • Shoes – Wear more comfortable printed or patterned canvas sneakers. Prefer grey or black in colour. You can also wear sandals (not floaters) preferably grey.

Accessories – The accessories must look as classic and subtle. Ditch your Fit-bit with a Polo Watch. Try black leather or mesh for your backpack or office-bag.

The Cultural Class

Latest Mens footwear styles by Bhubaneswar Fashion 2
  • If you want days when we can look a little traditional or someone looking inspired from our 90’s Pop-stars then, Talisman Collection 2019 exactly fits you.
  • Shoes – prefer espadrilles or your classic Jodhpuri chappals. You can also go for printed canvas shoes.
  • Accessories – You have a wide variety to choose from to compliment your look. The tribal bracelet and necklace looks goes perfectly. Wear printed sling bag or backpack.

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