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Must Have Shoe Trends in 2019

After getting to know the fashion trends and makeup trends this season, why not focus on accessories? This year it’s all about the perfect shoes. The designers aren’t completely reinventing the wheel this time. Instead, they’re building upon the existing and past trends, adding elements here and there or introducing new shapes and materials. While these shoe-trends are taking over the global market, the people of Odisha can also incorporate these styles for a new, fresh and trendy look.

So, here are the top shoe-trends in 2019 which you need to include in your wardrobe.

Feathers in your feet

Feathered heels and flats are the all new trend. Some have feathers added to the heel of their footwear, while others have them lined on the straps. They all look amazing. Faux fur shoes are very popular this season. But the humidity of Bhubaneswar might not let you wear it often. So, fluffy feathers in a variety of colors are a lighter alternative to it. Look for feather details on everything from high heel pumps and sandals, to patent leather flats and moccasins.

Sculptural heels

It’s time we all embrace the unusual, sculptural heel, available in a variety of geometric shapes. The innovative heels are basically wearable architectural feats, allowing you to incorporate a sense of wonder and drama into your work or party outfits. Keep your look simple with jeans and a t-shirt, letting the footwear captivate onlookers.

Bright Chunky Sneakers

Sneakers are all the way to stay. With neon and pop colors stealing the show this season, sneakers are also trending in all the bright pop colors. Wear bright chunky sneakers with your regular outfit to grab all the attention straight to your feet.

All about embellishments

Want some stiletto heels dripping with crystal embellishments? Yes please! Opalescent pearls replace the tough metal studs from previous seasons, as the newest trendy shoe bling in town. Shoes with intricate embroidery give the artistry look but are wearable at the same time. They can be flaunted with both ethnic and western outfits. This season is seeing a lot of detailing on boots and slides.

All the colours from the rainbow

Rainbow fashion continues to be popular now. The trend is making its way down to our feet this spring, in the form of multi-hued high heels that can be worn to add fun color to neutral outfits, little white dresses, and all-black ensembles. Disco colors, from neon to metallic, are being combined on women’s high heel shoes this year with abandon. Wear them with skirts or trousers for a splash of color.

Being Transparent

This season, let everyone literally look through your footwear. The transparent shoe trend makes it happen, from Cinderella-style plastic slippers, to classic pumps with see-though, heels as pictured. Show off your perfect pedicure for all you are worth, in a pair of trendy, transparent high heel ankle boots. If a complete transparent shoe is not your style, you can go for sandals and sliders having transparent straps which look equally quirky.

Go floral

The cutest spring 2019 boots are short booties in a riot of colorful floral patterns, from cheerful Day-Glo colors inspired by the 70s fashion to daintier and darker flower prints. Dark floral ankle boots are a chic way to participate in the floral booties trend, without losing your fashion edge. You can even go for floral printed sandals and sneakers in pastel hues for a softer look.

While some of these shoe-trends may seem too extra or over-powering, these look great if paired with the perfect outfits and minimal accessories. Moreover, these shoes are also practical, letting you incorporate these latest styles in your day-to-day life and allowing you to look trendy and fashionable at the same time.

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